Outward Bound Blog – Day 3

Day 3 is drawing to a close and we are all fully integrated into the Outward Bound experience.

The results of yesterday’s activities were in evidence this morning as the children were the ones being awoken at 7am rather than doing the waking. A fine breakfast including pancakes and bacon set everyone up nicely for a day’s hiking, scrambling and climbing.

Macarthur group headed off earliest and took the train to Barmouth where they hiked and scrambled for several kilometres before reaching the destination for the rock climbing. Again, the children impressed with their stamina and determination as every child successfully completed each of the increasingly difficult climbs.

Bonnington group’s hike started at the site and finished there. They were treated to some fantastic views and showed such enthusiasm and energy that the hike was extended by another 2 hours! Much dinner was consumed to compensate for this.To make sure that they were properly tired, they ended the day with gorge walk which required a great level of trust as half of the group were blindfolded. Although the gorge was reduced to a trickle, most of the children managed to return impressively wet.

Simpson Group headed off by minibus to Cregennan where the first goal was a scramble up to the highest point. With great gusto, the year 5 children covered the rocky terrain, avoiding sheep droppings at every turn (well mostly avoiding them). The wind grew stronger as they climbed higher and energy levels were tested but they made it to the top for lunch and an amazing 360 degree view of the beautiful countryside, lakes and coast. Climbing up is tough but the descent was followed by a 6km energy sapping downhill power walk in an attempt to catch the train back. Again, many beautiful sites were seen as they followed the path of a small stream which turned into crashing waterfalls through a steep tree covered gorge. Although they kept a good pace, they missed the train and returned in a minibus allowing time for a quick nap on the journey back.

Tenzing group started the day off with a hike in the charmingly titled ‘Happy Valley’. Having been dropped off after a short minibus ride, they made their way through the countryside in search of a legend (not Tom Jones). Their journey took them to the wondrous ‘Bearded Lake’ which as well as being beautiful, is the source of fairy tales about a magical cow and a legend involving King Arthur and a terrifying monster. The monster had fortunately been banished long ago and whilst there were cows, they sensibly kept their magical powers to themselves.

Once again, we have had fantastic instructors who have organised and led wonderful activities interwoven with important lessons.  They have been extremely complimentary about our children – not only with regards to their politeness but also in terms of how they interact with and encourage each other and their willingness to push themselves outside of their comfort zones for each activity.

Bring on day 4!