Year 5

In Year 5 expectations are high and the main focus is to become independent learners and flexible thinkers who are able to guide their own learning and research. As the year progresses the children are expected to take on more responsibility within the school community including; peer mentoring, being reading buddies with our younger children and taking on specific roles within the classroom. The year finishes with their interviews for their Year 6 Positions of responsibilities.

We cover two great historical periods the Ancient Egyptians and the Victorians. Our class trips take us to the British museum, the Royal Gunpowder Mills – where we go back in time to experience life as a Victorian child – and a trip to the water treatment plant.

In English we link with various topics and explore many texts and have the opportunity to respond with a variety of written tasks. In Science we carry out lots of experiments to do with dissolving, separating mixtures and forces. We also study the circle of life and Earth and beyond. Maths follows the New Curriculum and the children are given plenty of opportunity to extend their problem solving skills.

I hope that all Year 5 children will enjoy the year, always striving to be the best they can be so that they are ready for their transition to year 6 and the added responsibilities which come with this.