Year 1

The progression from Reception to Year One is an exciting time,  and all staff work closely together to make sure this move is as smooth as possible.

In Year One we continue to build on the Foundation Stage skills but are moving on from the EYFS curriculum, with teaching and learning becoming more adult led and directed but continually reinforced with practical activities, action packed trips (including trips to Epping Forest and the zoo), in addition to in house workshops and visiting guests.  This is the ideal time to begin exploring children’s individual strengths and interests and tailoring our teaching accordingly.

We are so lucky to be situated in such a fantastic environment, which we aim to fully utilise in Year One.  We often can be found working in the school’s dedicated nature area or by the recently restored pond area, which was designed and funded by our proactive school council.  Year One is also the year that children begin Outdoor Education sessions, taught by a specialist teacher, which incorporates a wide range of subjects and topics.

As the year progresses it is so satisfying to see the children begin to develop a confident, yet relaxed, approach to the challenges set before them.  There is a close liaison between the Year One and Year Two staff.  This is so beneficial, especially towards the end of the academic year, leading to a seamless transition into Year two …. Top of the Early Years!