School Council

School Council Purpose

Our Howe Green House School Council is a representative group of pupils from Early Years (Reception – Year 2) – Juniors (Years 3 – 6). These representatives have been elected, on a termly basis, to represent the views of their peers. They are also able to raise issues with the Headmistress and the Senior Management Team of our school.

The object of the School Council is be effective in a variety of ways e.g. to feel that our school responds to the needs and views of their pupils, to have a say about decisions and to play an active role in making Howe Green House an even better place than it already is! The skills developed by each representative during their time on the School Council are all essential life skills.  Fundraising events are linked directly to an aspect which the pupils have chosen as an area to develop or improve.


School Council meets regularly at Friday lunchtime. We have two School Council members from each class in Reception to Year 6. We change the members of School Council every term.  Each year, one member of Year 6 is chosen to be the Chair of Council.  This is an extremely important role and is a much respected one.

Fund Raising

Previous fund raising projects have included Project Tanzania and Project Playground which  raised money to purchase items/equipment to further enhance the Early Years and Junior pupils’ playtimes.  Two large all- weather laminated board games, a new ‘Friendship Stop’ and Befriender’s caps and a variety of sand sculpture play equipment and storage boxes have  all been added to the Early Years and Junior play areas.

Our most recent fundraiser has been directly related to improving the neglected School Pond area.  Funds raised were utilised to excellent effect for the ‘Paradise Pond Project’.  The pond was cleared, cleaned and replanted .  Rustic benches have been made to allow adequate seating for pupils and staff.  The area is maintained regularly thereby allowing safe access to the Pond.

Ideas About how to Improve the School

School Council has a system to get ideas on how to improve the school.  We also make suggestions about changes to the school rules and how we can follow the Healthy Schools Initiative.

We put up posters in each classroom with spaces for suggestions on it. We collect them in each week and put the ideas into consideration.  Also, pupils can speak to their class School Council representative or to the Chair of School Council about their ideas.  If we get some really good ideas then we talk about it and decide if we want to try and raise money.

Above all serving on the School Council is a rewarding experience and many pupils are so keen to return to serve another term as their class representative…. competition is keen!

Chair of Council and Mrs Bradley (Teacher in Charge)