Languages: French, Spanish, Latin

Modern Foreign Languages

At Howe Green House children make early contact with modern foreign languages and with cultures other than their own. We aim to encourage every child to see the value of this and to engage positively and willingly in the process. At Howe Green House we believe there is also an intrinsic beauty to languages, and we hope to inspire this understanding in the children.

Early Years Department

In the Early Years (Reception- Year 2) a language carousel of French and Spanish takes place. The children learn basic vocabulary and phrases through songs, stories and games, as well as through enjoying tasty regional delicacies whilst acquiring the relevant descriptive language! The subconscious awareness of how a language operates, the pronunciation, idioms, rhythm and music, intonation and structure of the language can constitute a solid base for later.

Junior Department

In the Juniors French is the sole focus of the language curriculum and it is led by a Specialist teacher. We want our pupils to have fun and at the same time to understand the need to engage and work hard. The task of acquiring a solid, grammatical basis that will eventually lead to independent speech is vital. Learning French helps develop literacy and numeracy skills and is a necessity when seen in context of rapid globalisation. Creativity, independent learning and risk taking are at the heart of French lessons, which we believe, prepares students well for their future.


We begin our language teaching with songs, games and outside learning. We use a wide variety of strategies and materials, among them the internet; CDs; DVD extracts; iPads, drama and role-play; posters; brochures; games and puzzles, as well as basic writing exercises.

In Years 3 & 4, the focus is on nouns and the use of number and gender, and the inclusion of some verb phrases to begin creating sentences. Verb learning begins in Year 5, with an introduction to the four main irregular verbs and the regular –er verbs in the present tense and this is developed and expanded throughout Year 6. Moving up through the Juniors, equal emphasis is placed on speaking, listening, reading and writing. With four skill areas to develop, pupils are challenged and encouraged to reach their language potential.

Year 5 and 6 go on a French residential to Chateau Beaumont in the village of Chailland, in the département of Mayenne (53).  The idea is to have the opportunity to use the language outside the classroom environment. We also have French days where the whole school dress up and everyone is French for a day.

Latin is also taught in years 3-6 to support children’s growing understanding of the English language and to reinforce all the taught grammar skills. The children follow the ‘Minimus’ books.