Humanities & PSHE


History lessons at Howe Green often include hands on and practical activities to really engage our pupils when studying the past, making the subject interesting and exciting, whilst also being academically rigorous and challenging.

In the Early Years children study recent history looking at how holidays and toys have changed over the last 100 years, as well as key historic events such as The Great Fire of London.  Learning in the class room is supported with trips or visitors to the school ranging from visiting The Museum of Childhood in London to interactive workshops featuring key historic figures.

For the Juniors in the Prep school, there are more opportunities for history to come to life with trips to places such as Celtic Harmony and Kentwell Hall, when children get the chance to experience first-hand what life was like in the past.  By giving children the opportunity to explore and research the actions of people and events in the past through trips and a wide variety of activities in the classroom, they are able to develop their own sense of chronology and to appreciate how events of the past shape the way we live today as well as enriching the children’s natural enquiry skills.


Learning about the world around them is always an exciting topic for the children.  Lessons focus not only on distant countries, but also on the United Kingdom and their local area.

Barnaby Bear, who lives in the Early Years classrooms, is often found jetting off on long weekends away or long distance holidays.  He then reports back on all that he has seen and done on his travels, with a little help from his friend.

Trips to the seaside and building sandcastles are a super summer treat for the older children in the Early Years and give them some grounding in the shores of Great Britain.

The older pupils in the school, although studying more formal geographical facts, still have great fun.  The trip to the sewage farm in Chelmsford consolidates their understanding of pollution and water cleansing and is always popular, but surprisingly never smelly!  Projects are set on the children’s home environment and local amenities which the children complete with great enthusiasm and present to their classmates.  This year a trip to Stansted Airport’s Education Centre will help the pupils understand just what happens in a well-known place in which they are all very familiar.