Bursary Policy

Hardship Bursary Policy

Howe Green House School – This Policy also includes the Early Years Foundation Stage

Authority and Circulation

1. This policy has been authorised by the Governing Body of Howe Green House School (“The School”). Its status is advisory only. It is addressed to parents of pupils attending Howe Green House School only.

2. This policy contains an overview of the Hardship Bursary Scheme currently in operation at the School. The policy, together with a financial means questionnaire, is made available to parents on request.

Statement of Intent

Whilst no longer a requirement, the school recognises the importance of recognising the key elements for Every Child Matters and the five outcomes outlined within it:

To be Healthy
To Stay Safe
To Enjoy and Achieve
To Make a Positive Contribution
To Achieve Economic Well-Being


3. The aims of this policy are:

• to support parents at times of unexpected financial hardship;
• To support pupils at a time of uncertainty;
• to support the School’s ethos of providing public benefit.


4. The School is a registered charity that is committed to providing public benefit. The School is aware of its obligations under the Charities Act 2006 and seeks to adhere to the public benefit principles identified by the Charity Commission by also offering bursary awards to parents who could not normally pay for a Howe Green House education. This policy will be reviewed regularly to take into consideration the latest guidance from the Charity Commission.

5. The Hardship Bursary provides emergency/rescue bursaries for parents whose financial position significantly worsens unexpectedly once their child is already at the School. The Hardship Bursary is designed to assist parents on a short term basis who, for financial reasons, might otherwise be unable to continue to send their child to the School with little or no notice.

6. Bursaries are entirely means-tested and are usually awarded on a termly basis or such other period deemed by the Finance & Premises Committee, to parents who are financially eligible and who meet the application requirements set out below in full. In certain circumstances a bursary may be awarded on an annual basis. Due to the size of the School, and the limited financial resources, not every eligible application for a bursary will be successful.

7. All bursary applications are treated in the strictest confidence. Applications for bursaries discussed by the Finance & Premises Committee will have the applicants name removed. The applicants’ names will only be known to the Headteacher and Bursar. Pupils will not be made aware that they benefit from a bursary unless informed by their parents.

8. At any one time pupils may benefit from a bursary equivalent to between 10% and 80% of fees. In some circumstances up to 100% fee remission is available.

Eligibility and Procedure

9. All parents of pupils from Kindergarten to Year 6 are eligible to apply for a hardship bursary and should contact the Bursar at the School in the first instance for more information.

10. All applicants are required to complete a means tested questionnaire. The questionnaire is designed to provide a full picture of the income and assets of applicants so that the School can determine those to whom an offer of a bursary would be most beneficial. Please note that families who may suddenly find themselves classified as “low income” but have substantial assets, may be ineligible to receive a bursary.

12. In order to have an application for a bursary considered by the School, parents must complete the questionnaire and provide the Bursar with any supplemental information that is requested. It is critical that parents answer all of the questions carefully and in full. All bursaries are subject to an annual or more frequent means-test review. Nevertheless, should any of the information disclosed in response to the questionnaire change at a later date, the School must be informed immediately. Failure to divulge requested information or a change in circumstances to the School could lead to a bursary being withdrawn.


13. Applications for Hardship Bursaries will be considered by the School as soon as possible after the Bursar has been notified by parents of a change in their financial position and received forms completed in full.


14. Each Bursary offer will reflect the particular circumstances of the recipient and be expressed as either a percentage or fixed amount remission of fees. Bursaries may be awarded on a termly basis depending on the circumstances surrounding the provision of the award.

Conditions of Offer

15. Hardship awards are unable to be considered for previous term’s fees.

16. Parents are required to pay the balance of the fee account, following an award, on or before the first day of each term.

17. All bursaries are paid at the discretion of the School and are subject to review by the School at any time.

18. All bursary holders are expected, as a condition of their award, to show commitment and good behaviour in the School. The parents are expected to support and encourage the pupil and to uphold the good name of the School.

Date of Policy Review:

February 2015

Reviewed by:

Finance Committee

Signed by Chairman of Finance Committee:

David Guild

Date of Next Review:

February 2018