About Us

Howe Green House School is so much more than a place where children experience the everyday curriculum.  It is a way of thinking and an approach to life which celebrates the joy of learning in a caring and safe environment rich with opportunities to enjoy the awe and wonder of life as a child.  Our children are intellectually curious, intrinsically motivated, ambitious to do their best and excited about the world around them.

Our single form entry throughout the school and exceptional staff:pupil ratio from age 2-11 enables each child to be known and understood in a way that promotes their ability to find their talents, gifts and abilities whilst supporting any areas of challenge.  Relationships within the school are strong – be that with peers, staff, parents or the wider community – the nickname  of ‘the Howe Green House Family’ is well earned and is a standout feature of our environment and is something we truly treasure.

From the youngest children in Little Oaks Nursery School, to the Year 6 pupils preparing to take flight and move on to their senior schools, an innate courageousness shines through.  Howe Green House School pupils make bold decisions, they are industrious and keen to succeed, they care for each other and they revel in the success and happiness of their peers.  It is an unusual blend of most desirable qualities which can be attributed to the unique atmosphere and values driven ethos throughout the school.

Here at Howe Green House School we embrace individuality and recognise each child as unique – therefore it is hard to describe an ‘average Howe Green House’ child.  Whenever pressed though, two phrases come to mind to describe our pupils and we use them whenever we meet people new to the school.  The first is that our children are exceptionally ‘comfortable in their own skins’, and the second that they are ‘confident without being arrogant’.  Both are precious attributes indeed, and serve our children long after they have left the school and moved on to their future environments.