Admissions Overview

The admissions process is managed from initial enquiry to enrolment effectively with our Registrar who oversees the entire progression with you. All you need to do is provide your child’s date of birth and we will be able to advise immediately if there is a place and a school viewing will be organised at the earliest opportunity. This is conducted on a one to one basis with our Headmistress and an assessment day for your child will follow soon after when your child can spend a day in class.

We will look at each child holistically as a unique individual and how he or she will fit in with their fellow classmates with an informal overview of where they are academically.  We ask that their latest school report be provided along with a reference from their current school as appropriate. With small classes, each with a teacher and teaching assistant, your child’s needs can be personally monitored.

Entering the school in Reception will automatically ensure that your child will stay with us through to Year 6 without the need for any further assessments.

Pre-school children who attend our Little Oaks Nursery School will be given preference for a place in our Reception Class.  Mindful of their tender age, the length of the school day and how many days they attend can be on an elective basis tailored for each pupil during their time in Little Oaks.

We operate a sibling policy, which means that if we cannot accommodate all your children at your desired point of entry, any siblings waiting for a place will receive preference over others on our waiting list. To secure a place a registration fee must be paid and later, when a child is offered a place in the school, an acceptance fee will be due to be paid.

Our waiting lists are managed very closely with regular updates to those awaiting a place.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Howe Green House Community.