Outward Bound Blog – Day 1

We had a fantastic journey to Wales arriving at 12. 30 pm. Happily there were no incidents of travel sickness and friendly requests for arrival time updates were limited to a couple of hundred.

After a quick packed lunch on the lawn overlooking the estuary, the groups headed off to make beds (work needed here) and to prepare for their first activity. The groups are named after famous explorers: Macarthur (Mr Sydes), Bonnington (Mrs Jakeman), Tenzing (Miss Tate) and Simpson (Mr Simpkins).

One of the introductory delights for the children and staff in the jog and dip. Whilst the weather is lovely, the wind still has a chill and the sea temperature requires a certain amount of getting used to. Nonetheless, to the accompaniment of a decent amount of shrieks, all jogged and all dipped.

The evening menu offered something for everyone and all were well fed and watered before heading off for their evening activity. Our evening drinks were accompanied by birthday cakes and a rousing song before the children headed off to their rooms.

All has quietened down nicely in the rooms with an early start looming along with an adventure packed day.