Outward Bound Day 2

Day 2 – Tuesday

The second day of our Welsh adventure started bright and early when the alarm sheep went off at 6 am. This particular alarm sheep that wandered past the boys’ accommodation had clearly been set to snooze mode as it returned 20 minutes later and resumed its bleating!

The groups are named after famous explorers and are led by dedicated and experienced instructors. Our very personable group leaders have shown great compassion in the way that they have worked with our children who are being asked to step outside their comfort zones on a regular basis. Each group is also accompanied by an equally enthusiastic member of the Howe Green House staff: Miss Sellears with Mears group (Year 6), Mr Simpkins with Hahn group (Year 6), Mrs Pook with Knox Johnson group (Year 5) and Mrs Clark with Churchill group (Year 5).

The adventurers  refuelled at 7.15 am with a hearty breakfast before meeting their groups and preparing for the day’s activities. Yesterday’s sunshine had been replaced by a drizzly mist but this did not dampen spirits as each of the groups headed off for a day’s scrambling and climbing.

Climbing is a real test of skill, planning and endurance and this was in evidence alongside qualities such as bravery, leadership and humour. The Year 5 groups were taken up into the hills for a steep hike followed by the climbs (with just enough time to attempt the 360 degrees challenge which involves lying face down on a sloping rock face and trying to rotate full circle without falling off). Meanwhile the Year 6 groups headed to the sea for some cliff climbing and abseiling before finishing with a coastal hike. Each member of Hahn group also continued their culinary experimentations (following on from yesterday’s wood sorrel and ants) with a raw limpet which was generally reviewed as ‘not that bad but quite salty’. Knox Johnson group adopted a different approach to sampling the local delicacies and led a successful reconnaissance mission to the local ice cream parlour!

After a spell of tidying and cleansing, the groups enjoyed another delicious meal which included options such as Singapore noodles, chicken curry or simply sausage roll and wedges. For the staff the choice of what to have proved the most taxing decision thus far; this conundrum was fortunately overcome by the ability and willingness to have a bit of everything.

Our second day’s adventures are now drawing to a close and tomorrow we are promised much improved weather as we all head out for a day on the water.