World Book Day 2017!

An egg-cellent day was had by all at Howe Green House School this World Book Day.  Early that morning a large spotted egg mysteriously appeared on the school lawn but what on earth could be inside?  Was it ‘The Odd Egg’ from our favourite story? Nobody knew.  The children were able to use their imaginations to decide what could be about to hatch.  There were all sorts of suggestions, giant pink chicks, slimy aliens and wishfully, one child suggested a huge pile of chocolate!  

Outdoor Education lessons continued as normal but with a World Book Day twist.  In honour of Where’s Wally’s 30th birthday dozens of pictures of the little man were hidden around the school grounds with children racing against the clock to find them.  

The pupils (and staff) made a superb effort with their costumes.  Horrid Henry, Willy Wonka and a couple of Gangsta Grannies could all be spotted in the dining hall!  You might even have seen a Cat in a Hat or a lion from a wardrobe in the school office.

To top off a fantastic day celebrating books and reading, a selection of stories were read around the school and children were able to decide which story telling session to attend.  An enjoyable end to a fun filled and action packed day.