Firing Childen’s Imagination!

The Year 2 class at Howe Green House School have been learning about the Great Fire of London, which swept through the streets of London during the summer of 1666, destroying many of the city’s timber framed buildings that stood in its path.

As well as studying the topic in the classroom, the children each made their own ‘pop up’ Tudor building during Art lessons, which were then lined up outside to recreate a typical London street of that time.

With the children at a safe distance, the building on the end was ignited, and the class watched in awe as the flames spread from house to house, just as they had done in real life over 400 years ago!

Commented Mr Mitchell Clarke, Head of Art at Howe Green House, ‘This visual re-enactment of the Great Fire really engaged the children, and there were squeals and shouts as the houses burnt down one by one!’