Science Week Roundup

A Year 1 frothing dragon!

Wow! What another great science week at Howe Green House. The school has been a hive of scientific activity. Every child got involved from the youngest in Acorns to the eldest in Year 6. I believe this has been the busiest science week ever.

The week began with a visit from the Quantum Theatre group. Through song and drama they explained about materials and their properties. It was a very lively performance that kept the whole school entertained even children as young as 2.

The theme for this year was change so in the Foundation Stage jelly was made, and eaten!!!  flowers changed colour , paint was mixed and cornflour was added to water and made into gloop for the children to observe how the mixture goes from solid to liquid in their hands, bubbles were blown through socksand mentos were added to coke to create a spectacular eruption.

Years 1 and 2 worked together to design a foaming dragon. They added bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, washing up liquid and paint to their bottle dragons and watched as coloured foam was fired out of the dragon’s mouths.

The junior children were given a number of challenges including building a raft and finding out which one would carry the most toy cars before sinking and  creating a marble run which would take a marble 60 seconds to complete. The winners made their marble run for 8.4 seconds without getting stuck.

Just a small taster of the many activities that went on throughout the school.

Family members who work in the scientific field gave up their time to come into school to explain how science is related to their occupations and to do experiments with the children which included a talk on the importance  of keeping fit and eating healthily from a personal trainer and what is involved in the job of being an optician.

The week was rounded off with a sharing assembly. The children came together in a very relaxed way to explain to the rest of the school what they had done, discovered and the conclusions they had made.  A great way to tie everyone’s work together.

Added to all this was the extra excitement of observing frogspawn and tadpoles being placed in our school pond and the wonderment of watching chicks hatch in the Reception and Year 1 classes.


Carrie Fox

Science Coordinator